Procurement of Stock Material

The students are now familiar with the most important master data and the basic procurement process. In this course, we will go through another procurement process. At the same time, new topics from each area (purchasing, inventory management, and invoice verification) will be covered. What will […]

Create Material Master records

Start your SAP career working in the Materials Management module with purchasing, inventory management, and invoice verification. In this course, the Master Data comprises data records that are stored in the database for a long period of time. These data records are stored centrally and […]

Procurement of Consumption Material

This course provides the procurement of materials for direct consumption. It also explains what is understood by consumable material. To be sure that the required materials can be delivered on the desired date. What will you learn? List the differences between the procurement of consumable […]

Introduction to Procurement Process

This course provides an overview of the various forms of external procurement and of the organizational levels necessary for mapping a procurement process. What will you learn? Describe the existing external procurement processes The organizational levels relevant for the procurement process Explain the relationships between […]