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This course provides the procurement of materials for direct consumption. It also explains what is understood by consumable material. To be sure that the required materials can be delivered on the desired date.

What will you learn?

List the differences between the procurement of consumable materials and that of stock materials Create a purchase requisition with items with single and multiple account Request a material without a material master record
Create a purchase order with reference to a purchase requisition with account assignment Enter invoices with reference to a blanket purchase order with logistics invoice verification
Enter an order acknowledgement for a purchase order Explain the significance of the account assignment category
Explain the difference between a valuated and a non-valuated goods receipt Explain the postings resulting from a non-valuated goods receipt during invoice entry

Course Features

Duration:To be defined
Prerequisites:Experience in the logistics: Purchasing, Planners, Production, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Plant Maintenance, etc