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Technology has changed business for the better, revolutionizing all industries, such as communication, transportation, education, health care, life sciences, energy, retail and their respective supply chains. As technology continues to grow, change, and advance it has allowed for more connectivity between employees and employers, made more information available, allowed for more streamlined storage of files, and increased analytical power of data. Supply chain management is an area that is presented today with unprecedented technological opportunities. These prospects can support companies to gain competitive advantages and as a result to increase their profit. In this course, we will explore some of the leading technologies that have been identified as having a significant influence on global supply chain operations. Through examples we will characterize the supply chain and logistics applications in which the technologies are being utilized for product planning, materials management, and inventory, transportation, distribution, workflow, plant maintenance, among others.

What will you learn?

  • Identify the main thecnologies trends, acceptance, and utilization across various industry sectors
  • Exemplify the applications in which the technologies are being utilized for different supply chain challenges
  • Develop a reference base that professionals can use to guide future technology investment decisions
  • Understanding the implications of the technologies in respect to value creation and operational effectiveness
  • Identify the best value technologies and how they can best be used for logistics operations and supply chain management

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